Fidelity to Law, Truth, Justice and to the legal profession’s tradition is a permanent challenge for us. This means Fidelity toward our Clients’ rights and legitimate interests.



Civil Law

Law Office „Bogdan Slatineanu ”has carried on an important and diversified activity in the real estate field:

  • concluding of sale, purchase or exchange contracts, or any other legal documents having as object the constitution of rights on land or buildings of any type, which are in the agricultural, industrial, commercial or rental circuit (concession, rental, superficies, easements, usufruct, etc.);
  • verifying ownership titles held by state owned or private commercial companies, by non-profit associations or by individuals in real estate field;
  • legal assistance in financing real estate projects;
  • legal assistance and representation in real estate litigation (legal actions for restitution of property, expropriations, dispossessions, recover of real estate investments, enclosures, demolition of works, execution of projection and construction contracts);
  • land register operations;
  • activities for restitution of real estate through administrative ways;
  • activities for restitution of real estate through administrative ways;
  • Also, the law office has initiated legal representation activities in litigation in the field of professional liability, referring to the way the auditors, the accountants and the medics accomplish their services.