Fidelity to Law, Truth, Justice and to the legal profession’s tradition is a permanent challenge for us. This means Fidelity toward our Clients’ rights and legitimate interests.


About Us

Law Office „Bogdan Slatineanu”was established with the main purpose to offer its Clients quality services in legal consultancy as well as assistance and representation in front of the law courts.

The policy of our work with the Clients is based on the flexibility with which we treat each problem, is expressed by our adjusting the manner in which we deal with a problem to the personality of the Client, using a direct and continuous communication with the Client.

The purpose of the Law Office „Bogdan Slatineanu” is to establish long-lasting relationships with our Clients by turning them into faithful solicitors of our legal services. Our main argument is the quality of the services we offer, and we are aware of the fact that a long-lasting relationship is based on trust and communication.

Integrity is a long-term investment. In an ever-moving world, we need stable reference criteria more than ever. Moral values, which necessarily include the lawyer’s professional ethic, are the pillars sustaining of the Law Office „Bogdan Slatineanu”.

Integrity means also unity and coherence. Our force rises from our common belief in the principles and moral values of the lawyer’s profession. In each project, the most important member of the team is our Client.

Fortitude is not a purpose in itself. We have the strength to apply the best legal strategies for our Clients and to take them to the end. We have the courage to participate in an honest competition and thereby become among the best.