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Commercial Law, Banking, Financial, Investments and Insurance Law

The implementation of the commercial law has developed significantly in the last ten years in Romania. The provisions of the Commercial Code, in effect since 1882, which were influenced by the continental legal system statutes, and especially by the Italian and the French law, have been amended by various normative acts, conducting to a significant contribution given to the commercial circuit development.

At its turn, the publication of new laws influenced by European and American legal regulation has substantially modified the finance and banking and insurance legislation.

The existence of a diversified portfolio of business related clients, being among large, medium or small companies in various fields of activity, allowed the achievement of an important experience consisting among others in:

  • legal asistance and representation in front of all Courts as well as in front of International Arbitration Court of Trade and Industry Chamber of Romania regarding to commercial litigations;
  • legal assistance in negotiating the conclusion of commercial contracts (sale-purchase, commission, distribution, leasing, real movable guarantee agreements others);
  • legal assistance in drafting or amending the deeds of settlement of companies, in the fields of: oil, gas, food, media, real estate, software, securities, banking, cosmetics, others;
  • permanent legal assistance regarding the companies activities (organising the shareholders general assemblies; organising the board of directors meetings; shares operation between the shareholders, associates or third parties; concluding insurance contracts; concluding contracts for the headquarters; employment of personnel; concluding contracts for transport of goods or services for unloading – loading – manipulating in the storing areas; others);
  • legal assistance in merger, dissolution, liquidation and bankruptcy of commercial companies;
  • legal assistance, granted mainly to foreign investors interested to buy shares from state owned companies, subject to the process of privatisation, in the fields of food, cement, banking, building materials;
  • legal assistance for privatisation as part of programs financed by the European Union;
  • participating to programs organised in Romania by governmental agencies or international financial institutions for assistance and advising in the matter of financing the activities from the local public administration;
  • legal assistance to international investment banks, in international bond issuance on the international market, as well as legal assistance for Romanian companies regarding internal bond issuance;
  • legal assistance and advising granted to investment funds, banks or international financial-banking institutions for concluding complex commercial financing transactions as loans or contributions to the social capital of Romanian companies in the food sector or communications field;
  • issuing legal opinions in connection with the Romanian legislation effects over the conclusion and execution of international commercial contracts (loan agreements, shares transfer agreement of a Romanian company, agreements for creating a security interest in personal or real property, company contracts, others);
  • legal assistance in the restructuring process for Romanian banks, as effect of their privatisation, in connection with the banking activity – deposit agreements, credit agreements, leasing agreements, guarantee agreements;
  • legal assistance to insurance, banking or security companies in concluding of various commercial documents.
  • legal assistance and representation in debts collection procedure in front of the bailiff and also supervising the proceedings and maintain the contact with the bailiff;