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Real estate investment

We are offering the full range of real estate legal services concerning all aspects of real estate connected matters, from the verification of ownership titles, with full due diligence over ownership, and also verification of liens, encumbrances, third party rights and property status.

Our lawyers have broad experience in the analysis and reviewing of real estate sale-purchase agreements, also including registration of property title, creation of mortgages, protection and enforcement of such guarantees.

In the field of tenant relationship, we have developed an extended practice usually representing owners of real estate against tenants. We have also created and reviewed all types of lease agreements.

The key activities in our real estate practice area:

  • creation and reviewing pre sale-purchase agreements securing the sale;
  • negotiation of real estate sale-purchase or lease contracts;
  • negotiation of share-deals for the purpose of real estate transfer;
  • full due diligence involving legal and commercial aspects.

 In the field of real-estate we cooperate with tax or technical consultants in order to complete an acquisition due diligence on:

  • technical aspects such as building permits and other administrative approvals and licences;
  • construction and utilities contracts;
  • loans and securities;
  • environmental conformity
  • ;
  • check-up of existing lease agreements;
  • identification of existing and potential litigation over the property plus risk analysis;
  • assistance in transferring ownership over the property.